Original Huawei AM115 Earphone

$2.28 $2.50



  • With Remote and Microphone Bass 3.5mm Slot Headphone Stereo Headset Lightweight Stylish Portable Durable
  • Exquisite workmanship, adopt antioxidant metal material, cut by diamond and be polished over and over again.
  • Designed according to the human ear structure, with the best angle, you will feel so comfortable as you listen to music with it.
  • Perfect HIFI, unique air port ensure that low-frequency more flexible, better performance of the instruments, sweet mid-frequency clear and full, high-frequency rich in details, good for your ear, each of the balanced frequency voice will feast your ears.
  • Best touch with 3 keys will control the incoming call or hung up, back or forward your music, easy to handle everything.

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